About Us

Third Wave is a brand name that is adequate to deploy with cutting-edge ruggedized devices to cater all your needs in harsh environments. We are certainly a trailblazer in innovating systems that can redefine the rugged computing solutions for world-class reliability. Third Wave introduced the first tablet device in 2016, which for several years had been one of the best fully rugged tablet available in the Indian market. It has all the durability, potential and security you’ve come to expect from Third Wave, so be confident that you are in control of your technology.

What is Third Wave!
Third Wave is a brand promoted by the Third Wave group of companies which are one of the pioneers in the rugged computing space in the Asian market. The team behind Third Wave has collectively over 350 man years of experience in the rugged mobile computing business, apart from having serviced and having a deep understanding of a wide range of customer applications for rugged computing equipment, in the diverse verticals of military, police, oil and gas, automotive, aviation, survey, field service etc.

The team behind Third Wave has implemented, with varying degrees of involvement, a number of deployments of mission-critical rugged computing solutions in a wide range of geographies ranging from Israel in the West to Philippines in the East, across more than 25 countries, and have transacted more than USD 80 million of rugged computing business in the last 5 years.

The team has a deep understanding of what constitutes ruggedness and how to ruggedize computing equipment, and also a detailed understanding of MIL-STD-810G and its tailoring to meet the requirements of the equipment during its service life.

Third Wave tablets are produced at the factory of M/s Third Wave Milper Rugged Computing Solutions Pvt. Ltd (TWM) in an IT SEZ in Gandhinagar Gujarat. The same factory also is a leading supplier of rugged computing equipment to various Defence companies in India and Israel, who are extremely demanding and stringent customers.

Why Third Wave!
Why pay for what you don’t need?
Fully Rugged Mobile Laptops have been around for over 20 years now, and fully rugged tablets for more than 5 years. These products were designed for the most stringent military applications and comply with a very wide range of parameters of MIL-STD-810G and MIL-STD-461E.

However, over the last few years, the market for rugged computers is growing mainly in the non-military verticals such as police, automobiles, Field Service, telecom etc. Customers in these verticals desire, in order to maximise productivity and reduce downtime, to have rugged tablets, but they definitely do not need the same level of ruggedization as a military customer.

And neither are these customers very comfortable paying the price tag for a full military grade tablet when, in reality, they don’t need that level of ruggedization.

Third Wave tablets are designed to bridge the price v/s ruggedness requirements of non-military customers who need rugged, but not the same ruggedness as the most demanding military customers. They are therefore a very viable proposition.

Service begins before the sale
Given the hefty price tags, it is very apparent that no customer buys rugged tablets in order to use MS Office or do routine emails. They are always purchased for specialized applications by that particular industry vertical.

With our experience and expertise in rugged computing, we are in an ideal position to advise clients of the options available, suggest the right mix of specifications and mobility, as well as identify the right solution for each customer.

We also understand that the applications are normally mission critical, so we work closely with our customers to do Proof-of-Concept trials so that they are satisfied that the product meets their project requirements.

Service After the sale
We understand that our customers buy rugged computers because they want reliability and cannot afford downtime. This is what they pay the extra price for.

We are very sensitive to this, and ensure the minimum downtime for our clients. We are also open to signing customised Service Level Agreements depending on the client requirement. Our customers can be assured of our 100% commitment to the continuity of their operations.