Fully Rugged Convertible

A compact and lightweight convertible that quickly transforms from 11.6 inch display notebook to tablet computer.


Fully Rugged Notebook

Our best-selling rugged computer features a 13.3″ screen and is complete with an abundance of ports to compliment the powerful Intel® processor.


Ultra Rugged Notebook

If you need a larger 15.6 inch display, a high-definition display or the ability to add PCI or PCIe cards, take a look at the powerful X500.


Semi Rugged Notebook

When a fully-rugged isn’t needed, the S410 semi-rugged notebook offers protection against shock, vibration, temperature & drop.


Fully Rugged Mobile Server

The briefcase-size X500 rugged mobile server is a commercial off-the-shelf, high-performance mobile rugged server designed for quick deployment.


Fully Rugged Mobile Server

Ready to perform when you are, the fully rugged B360 is your next-generation portable computing powerhouse.signed for quick deployment.

B360 Pro

Fully Rugged Notebook

Military-grade and mission-ready, the B360 Pro fully rugged laptop is packed with power and performance you can trust.